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Rate My Pets


Im excited to announce the launch of my new site - – It is a pet rating site that is very easy to use. If you want to upload your own pets all you do is connect with facebook, and upload your pics. There is also a point system in place that rewards you for using the site. There will soon be a raffle system with monthly giveaways.


Check it out!

puppy in the snow

Extreme Ironing


I’m sure you have heard of extreme sports. There are so many I couldn’t even start to list them here, but here are a few.

Wingsuit Flying
Wingsuit Flying Extreme Sports


Hang gliding

Hanggliding extreme sports


Rock/Ice Climbing

ice climbing extreme sports

And my personal favorite – Extreme Ironing. (click for a larger picture)

Exterme ironing

Extreme ironing is pretty self explanatory yet still … very puzzling.  Look it up! Its the real deal. People climb to high places, jump from airplanes, scuba dive, tight rope walk, all with an iron and an ironing board. Initially I find myself thinking ‘wtf!’ … but then I find myself trying to find our iron.

Here are a few more “extreme ironing” pics. Click them for larger versions.

Another rock climber                               Hang glider

Extreme ironing extreme ironing hang gliding

Bicyclists                                                                    Scuba

extreme ironing bicyclist extreme ironing underwater

MEGA Brookie Brooke


So I went home over Memorial Day weekend and I’m hangin out with the family and my sis started showing me some videos. They were friggin hilarious! I asked her if she was sharing them with the world and she said no … wtf??

So I obviously helped her make a youtube channel, which was pretty funny in itself. She was trying to pick a user name and they were all picked … sad face. Finally she tried “Brookiebrooke” which was also picked. So google suggested MEGAbrookiebrooke. Which is AWESOME!

Enjoy her first vid!

My First Post and proper credit for the baby pic.

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