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Search: Oxymoron\n\n\n\nI dont know about you, but I would have to think twice for sure!\n\nI found a few good ones under “oxymoron”. But here is one for now.

Bearded Woman

Initial Search: Grizzly Adams (Because I have recently grown a crazy beard)\n\nWhich somehow lead to: Beard Girl\n\n\n\nPicture found here: Click Here\n\nCredit on this find goes to Jough.

Concrete Fail

This is actually a picture of my Brother and Sister, some time ago, after a Cardinals game. We got a ‘concrete’ and they were posing while holding them upside down. Right as the picture was snapped my brothers fell out on the ground. Lots of laughing … and crying … took place after that. They did give us another concrete for free, but my bro was so sad. I think he laughs about it now tho =)\n\nPriceless!\n\n\n\n\n


I hope everyone had a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving Weekend.\n\n\n\nImage found here (


Search: Teddy Bear\n\n\nA little disturbing.


The wife had a good idea.\n\nSearch: Awesomeness\n\nCute tiny puppy - Awesomeness\n\nPicture found here:\n\nShare fluffy with the world!

Awkward Product Placement

Wow, really?

Christmas Card

Search: Greetings\n\nChristmas Greeting Card

Dr Beard Face

Search: ‘Dr Beard Face’\n\nDr Beard Face


I’m taking a quick step back and redesigning the entire blog. Going to the drawing board if you will.

I’m switching everything over to a Web 2.0 style blog so I can have more freedom. I want to do this now because as the blog gets bigger it gets more and more difficult to do this.

Check back in about a week for more information.

Update: I am having to wait on the new site due to some technicalities, so for now I’ll use blogspot. Keep an eye out for the new blog.