My First Post

I have a sickness, and I dont think I am alone. I find myself searching for images on google at the most random times and with the most random words.\n\nHere’s the plan for this blog. Im going to post images that I find randomly, and if I can think of something cleaver enough about them I will say a little something about. I will include the word I used to find the image, the search setting (safe, moderate, off), and if I can find it credit for the image (who the image belongs to).\n\nFor my first search I will use\n\n”Googlie Eyes”\nSearch Setting – Moderate\n\nBaby\nPicture found here\n\nIt appears that someone thought it would be funny to put Googly Eyes on their baby. — They were right.\n\nThis is actually part of a cool project done by Brock Davis. Follow the url above to see more.

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