Crazy Face Guy

Ok, This is not a google image image, but I want it to be!! I want this to become THE generic image for ‘crazy face guy’. So if you plan to make something, and you need a crazy face, USE THIS ONE!\n\nClick for a bigger version.\n\n

Crazy Face Man

This is not me

2 Responses to Crazy Face Guy

  • Crazy Face Guy says:

    I think if you had named the file crazyfaceguy.jpg or crazy-face-guy.jpg, rather than crazyface1.jpg, it might have made it to #1 on the image results.

  • NeoenY152 says:

    I know more about SEO now. Ive just meta tagged it up with a few different things, we’ll see how it goes when it re-crawls, I’ll have to change my sitemap to inform bots to re-crawl this post.

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