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Justin Beaver

Hello world. I am pretty busy working on my next project, which is why I haven’t posted anything recently. Stay tuned, I hope to launch my new site soon. I just have to get all the bugs ironed out and money set aside. (There will be contests with cash prizes).\n\nUntil then!\n\nThis is my dog and his beaver. We call it Justin Beaver. He gets pretty possessive over his toys/beavers … especially when they squeak.\n\nLucky dog and his toy - Justin Beaver

Oregon Trail

Except for the fact that its a facebook game, this looks pretty awesome. As long as they dont make you tell your friends about it to be able to play it … I’ll play it. \n\n

Mall Walking is FUN!!

Be good to yourself! Get your own Pith Helmet!\n\n\n

Double Dream Hands!

Not much else to say. \n\nEnjoy. \n

Jorge and Alexa Narvaez

My little friend made it on Ellen!! Woot!\n\nClick here for the original video. — Or see their youtube channel here\n\n

Popcorn Alarm

This is a video of me after a procedure I had done for my throat. They got me all fixed up! (I was having trouble swallowing) \n\nA friend of mine’s Mom set off a fire alarm at a hotel once when cooking popcorn. I guess that’s where my mind (what little of a mind I had at that moment) went to right then. \n\n

WTF? Poor Kitties


Getting my preorder on!

IGN still shows the release date as TBA, but I went to Best Buy and stumbled on this.\n\nMarch 1 2011? Much better than what I was thinking/hoping. Now my hopes are that the date is correct.\n\nJust preordered Zelda Skyward Sword!

Snæfellsnes Peninsula, Iceland

Beautiful desktop background from NGPOD.\n\nClick the picture for full size to set as background.\n\nA beautiful desktop background of Iceland from National Geographic

New Puppies!

A friend of mine has brand new puppies! I asked her if I could share them with the world … I couldnt resist!\n\nvery cute puppies\n\nSo much cuteness in one picture!

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