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Zelda’s 16 candles

Best Zelda Video … Ever!\n\nCollege Humor video of Zelda set in several different 80s movies. \n


I need your Mullets!\r\n\r\nSend me pictures of your mullet, or someone you know, or someone you dont know.\r\n\r\nSend your pictures to\r\n\r\nEmbarrased Kids - Dad's mullet

The Time Travelers Husband

Ok, so everyone has a teddy bear, blanket, etc … right? Well my poor bear has a tragic story. I couldnt tell you when I got him per se, but I had him when I was probably 3-5 ish I would guess. I carried him everywhere, and I do remember playing with his ears (I know .. weird).


Well another thing I did with him was leave him places. I left him at a Git n Go one day, just down the street from home, so when we noticed we went back to get him. When we got there we found him, Murdered! Someone murdered teddy bear! They cut him with a knife in several places and drew on the cotton spilling out with red marker. … I mean come on, seriously?


So Granny saved the day!  =) She sewed him back together and he was just like new! — Then I lost him again. This time for good. Blah, what an awful story.


So fast forward to 2/14/2011, Im now 25 and Married. Right before we went out for our Valentines Dinner my wife gave me my present. – An original 1985 Snuggle Bear!! THE bear from my childhood!


Vintage 1985 Snuggle Bear

Puppy bear

My next website is going to be all about cute pets. Hey there isnt enough of those sites out there is there? For now here is one that I have seen around the web.\n

cute puppy cuddling a teddy bear

Tanner Ochel

This guy is all over the blogosphere! (Is it still called that?) — Ok, stop what you are doing, go to this website and hire him to take really cool pictures of you and your loved ones. You will have to fly to Disney World but it will be WORTH IT!\n\nA picture of Disney Worldfrom the top. What a great view!


Im in Houston on a business trip and I have found myself listing to the mexican music stations quite a bit on my daily commute. This is my favorite song.\n\nZero clue as to what they are saying … but you have to admit it’s catchy!\n\n