Im in Houston on a business trip and I have found myself listing to the mexican music stations quite a bit on my daily commute. This is my favorite song.\n\nZero clue as to what they are saying … but you have to admit it’s catchy!\n\n

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  • lynda says:

    welcome to texas! hope you’re enjoying the weather. lol\n to give you a quick translate, the singer says he doesn’t have money for food, clothes, etc. but he’s a millionaire in love. \n incidentally, the singer, sergio vega, was shot to death by drug traffickers last year – supposedly because they didn’t like his songs romantisizing “narco traficantes” and their life.

  • NeoenY152 says:

    Thanks! Yeah I’m glad to have gotten the chance to come down, I got to stay with some family that I dont get to see very often so that was nice. \n\nTomorrow I’m going to attempt to fly back to springfield mo … We’ll see, lol. \n\nThats terrible about the singer! sounds like he was a good guy.

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