Monthly Archives: March 2011

Wall to Wall

Haven’t posted in a while, someone posted this on my wall =) Good stuff. Enjoy. \n\n

Rebecca Black Video

This has got to be the worst video I have ever seen — ever!\n\n

First Person Tsunami Footage

This is the most intense video I have seen of this disaster. It shows the raw power of water. \n\nThis location on google maps – here\n\n\n\n\nI know that physically most will not be able to help, but give financially if you can. I will be giving to the redcross through my work who will be matching what we give, if you have the opportunity to do that then do. If not just follow the link below. \n\n\n

Sheen is Grrreeeaat!!

Awesome sheen illustration done by Seth Patrick – his blog\n\nCharlie Sheen Tiger Blood Tony The Tiger

Jorge and Alexa – Perdoname En Silencio

I just cant get enough of these two!!\n\n

Hot Rod

So I was looking for some good clips of Hot Rod on youtube, but they are all crappy recordings of people’s tv’s. Bleh I hate that. So I put some up myself. Here is my fav. \n\n