Hmm, so I was google-ing ‘googlieyes’ for some reason and I came across this weird email thread from 2009. Here is a little clip from the email thread. hate email thread\n\nFrom what I can gather someone named ‘googlieyes’ on was sending hate mail to someone from this blog \n\nThis is the profile for this ‘googlieyes’.\n\n\n\nI want to clarify that this is not me! lol it’s so weird that I even came across this, or that someone actually spelled ‘googlieyes’ the same way I did (Actually I guess its the other way around since this email thread is about 3 years before I started my blog). I even started my blog at blogger ( But you will notice that I have a different profile (\n\nWell I’m off. I have a new pic coming up that is so friggin cute (havnt done one of those in a while).

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