“Hello my name is Brian, I rode to this web domain on a unicorn guided by the spirit of Zach Braff to bring you the best of random google images. Although Zac Braff’s spirit filed a restraining order and the unicorn won’t stop farting  butterflies  at me, google image randomness is still rockin on!” (I wish I could claim this, credit goes to the raptor)

Unicorn farting and vomiting

GoogliEyes.net is a Blog about the randomness of the internet. I find myself doing Google image searches of random words and coming up with some pretty crazy stuff. Sometimes its funny, sometimes its disturbing, sometimes its pretty cool. I will incorporate searches from Google image search, Bing image search and probably some Youtube videos here and there.

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Hope you enjoy! Tell your friends!

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My First Post and proper credit for the baby pic.

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