The Dude

Ahh Googlieyes, been a while my friend. So I decided to be ‘The Dude’ for Halloween this year.


The Dude Opening Scene Grocery Store


The Dude Opening Scene Grocery Store

Magician Epic 1.0 Orb of Mastery

It only took 8 years! But I did it! Woot! (this probably wont mean much to most of you, but Im really excited)\n\nEverquest – Magician Epic 1.0 Orb of Mastery\n\n

Magician Epic 1.0

Magician Epic 1.0 Orb of Mastery

Badass Explo … cute kitten?

Search: “Badass Explosion”\n\n\n\nWhen trying to find more really cool explosion pics, like the previous post, this one came up.


Search: “Image”\n\n\n\nImage found here\n\nLots of interesting things come up if you just search for “Image”. Click on the image for a high-res copy of the image.\n\n


Search: Teddy Bear\n\n\nA little disturbing.


The wife had a good idea.\n\nSearch: Awesomeness\n\nCute tiny puppy - Awesomeness\n\nPicture found here: http://www.thepiratescove.us/2009/08/18/tuesday-awesome-16-photos\n\nShare fluffy with the world!

God Hates Pegacorns!!

I cant take credit for finding this one. I have a friend who is having a bit of a ‘crisis of faith’.

\nSearch: ‘religion kills folks dead’ Setting: ‘moderate’


God hates pegacorns


I want to meet that man! … Also donuts are yummy!


Image found Here. This links to an awesome story about what is actually going on here, a response to the crazy Westboro folks.