Your Face

Search – ‘So’s your face’
Setting – ‘Moderate’

This may not make any sense to some, but I love it!

I love me some Scrubs! After I saw this clip everything was “So’s your face”. See the clip below if you are not familiar the Scrubs reference.

1 LB Reese’s

Not a search. I took this picture about an hour ago.

I just went into a ‘Kum and Go’ this evening and ran across this little gem. Its a $16, 1 lb Reese’s! Anyone that knows me knows that I love me some Reese’s but good lord, seriously?. I put the little Christmas tree Reese’s (my favorite!!) next to this one for a size comparison. I bought the tree.

Evil Muffin

Search – ‘Muffin’
Setting – ‘Moderate’

This came about during a conversation about an evil muffin plan. Similar to the muffin top/bottom situation on Seinfeld.


 Ok, so this was 4 years ago. But its still pretty damn cool!

I expect that a lot of what I post may be ‘old news’ to some. But if its new to me and I think its cool, then Im going to share.

This was apparently something that you could by from MIT called “Assist Sketch Understanding System and Operation”. I wasnt able to find it right away, but there is something similar that is more readily available for Tablet PC. (but who has one of those?)

Meh, go have fun with linerider!

Crazy Face Guy

Ok, This is not a google image image, but I want it to be!! I want this to become THE generic image for ‘crazy face guy’. So if you plan to make something, and you need a crazy face, USE THIS ONE!\n\nClick for a bigger version.\n\n

Crazy Face Man

This is not me


This is one of my favorites for sure!\n\nSearch – ‘Unicorn Man’\nSetting – ‘Moderate’\n

Weird gay looking man dressed up as a pink unicorn\nPicture found here

\nI have a recent obsession with unicorns, I think because of Zach Braff’s obsession with them (on Scrubs). I dont remember exactly how I came across this pic, but this is one picture that started my obsession with ‘google image’ search.

Wal Mart Designer Pants

Search – ‘Wal Mart’
Setting – ‘Moderate’

This is an example of the hilariousness (sometimes disgustingness) that google image search can be. In this example I searched for ‘Wal Mart’, innocent enough I would think. Just a few short scrolls of the mouse later and … something a bit out of the ordinary (I hope!)

Click the Jump to see the picture in question. (Potentially disturbing)


Wow! I really wish this picture didn’t exist, but it does, so it’s my job to share it with you. How did this happen!? I hope he has found some pants since this picture.

My First Post

I have a sickness, and I dont think I am alone. I find myself searching for images on google at the most random times and with the most random words.\n\nHere’s the plan for this blog. Im going to post images that I find randomly, and if I can think of something cleaver enough about them I will say a little something about. I will include the word I used to find the image, the search setting (safe, moderate, off), and if I can find it credit for the image (who the image belongs to).\n\nFor my first search I will use\n\n”Googlie Eyes”\nSearch Setting – Moderate\n\nBaby\nPicture found here\n\nIt appears that someone thought it would be funny to put Googly Eyes on their baby. — They were right.\n\nThis is actually part of a cool project done by Brock Davis. Follow the url above to see more.