Kitten Tux

Yeah, so EverQuest is back online. So I’ve been gettin my play on rather than gettin my website on. So here’s a quick one for tonight. Cute Kitties!!\nCutest Kitten Ever

New Theme!

I downloaded the release candidate of Artisteer 3 today and have been playing around a bit. I really like the new program! It’s even more intuitive and works very well (not buggy). If you haven’t ever used Artisteer you can download a trial HERE. Below is some before and after pics of the changes I have made. The changes aren’t necessarily because I have gone from Artisteer 2 to Artisteer 3, but because I have a little more experience and know more of what I am looking for. I like the new themes better personally, but what do you think?\n\nI’m diggin the new theme. It’s a pretty dramatic change. You’ll notice I cleaned up the logo and changed pretty much all of the colors. If you don’t know what the previous theme looked like here is a screen shot of it.\n

The Old ThemeThis is the old theme.


This is the new themeThis is the new one (its a little scrunched – just scroll up lol)




I also updated my mullet blog’s theme. Check it out here. – Here is a before and after of


This is the old version of mulletsighting


Old Theme


New Theme

Side Note

The new ford commercials SUCK. They are so awful it makes me want to buy some Ford stock so that I can have some to sell out of spite. (I guess that works better if I already have ford stock to sell out of spite). Seriously – I would expect something of this quality from a local dealership, but directly from Ford?\n\nIt’s one of those things where you wonder how anyone in charge of these spots could actually say “alright! looks great! roll it out nation wide.”\n\n\n\nSomeone at ford needs to take notes from Toyota. Anyone remember this from a couple years ago? \n\n


Hmm, so I was google-ing ‘googlieyes’ for some reason and I came across this weird email thread from 2009. Here is a little clip from the email thread. hate email thread\n\nFrom what I can gather someone named ‘googlieyes’ on was sending hate mail to someone from this blog \n\nThis is the profile for this ‘googlieyes’.\n\n\n\nI want to clarify that this is not me! lol it’s so weird that I even came across this, or that someone actually spelled ‘googlieyes’ the same way I did (Actually I guess its the other way around since this email thread is about 3 years before I started my blog). I even started my blog at blogger ( But you will notice that I have a different profile (\n\nWell I’m off. I have a new pic coming up that is so friggin cute (havnt done one of those in a while).

Snow Unicorn

Well I haven’t posted a unicorn in a while. So here ye be. This is pretty flippin epic, and I have no idea where I got the pic.\n\nEpic Snow Unicorn Sculpture

Happy Mothers Day Lady

Love this vid! Happy Mothers Day Lady! \n\n

The Janitor Was Right

One more post about Bin Laden, then I’ll take a valium. But I love me some Scrubs, and Zach Braff just posted this so I have to repost. Enjoy!\n

Arrested Development Bin Laden

Epic picture added to Google Maps place page for Osama Bin Laden’s Hideout. The model home from Arrested Development. See more of his actual compound in my other post.\n\n

Arrested Development Osama Bin Laden

Click here to add your own review of Osama's Place.

\n\nOsama Bin Laden's hideout

Osama Bin Laden’s Compound

UPDATE: Top view picture corrected.\n\nWoot! The Wicked Witch is dead. Wait, I dont think we’re in Kansas anymore.\n\nHere is a link to Osama’s compound on google maps, and it’s getting some pretty good reviews. Now we just need the google street view cars to give a drive through that neighborhood.\n\n \n\n’Robert’ says — ?I can’t see anything there’ s 18 foot walls all around me and no windows facing anything good. This place is a dump, plus it smells like old laundry. I guess I feel pretty secure tho with the 18 foot walls, oh wait here comes 40 navy seals with sub-machine guns\n\n’Cra’ says – Located in cozy, quiet neighborhood. Interrupted only occasionally by machine gun fire. Lacking in amenities, but an up and coming area.\n

Osama Bin Laden Hideout Google Maps

\nActual photo\n

The Osama Bin Laden Compound Actual Picture


A Lot more run down looking than what I was picturing.


Click the jump to see pictures of the surrounding area.

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A few random thoughts:\n


  • Brocks Dubs Mafia babies are back!!!! (I updated the link in my post below)
  • \n

  • Well Im getting settled into my new servers, and Im relatively satisfied.
  • \n

  • Im wrapping up yet another college class, to be followed immediately by another.
  • \n

  • I dinged my necro to 15, enchanter to 31, and cleric to 28.
  • \n

  • This guy (pic) is really weird … but really funny.
  • \n

  • Unicorns rock!
  • \n

\nreal life spider man