Brocks Dubs =(

So I was sad today when I tried to show someone the ‘Brock’s Dubs’ version of the famous babies video (mafia babies). Apparently the parents of said babies have hired a lawyer and asked that all other versions be taken down. How lame is that? Seriously? — Bleh. Brocks response is as follows. Im digging this guy and looking forward to more of his stuff! \n\n\n\nAs far as the server issues go, Ive come up with some work arounds but I wouldn’t consider them to be ‘fixed’. Everything is working well, and will work the way it is working until I have time to delve deeper into the issue. I am satisfied overall with They have the cheapest prices for VPS that I have found so far, and they back it up with a quality product. Im looking forward to a long relationship with them. \n\nAs always, send me your mullets!

Moved over but with issues

First of all, I am officially on the new servers. But I am having issues with wordpress. \n\nI am learning about wordpress through this process, so thats good I guess. Im having some pretty crazy issues right now on the back end of things that I will post more about once I get them fixed — in hopes of saving someone some headache later on. The issues I am having deal with permissions of the wordpress structure. But I wont go into them just yet. \n\nUntil I get that fixed — enjoy this wonderful breakfast song. \n\n

A long process

All the new servers are set up, but Im trying to make the transition as smooth as possible. Hopefully within a week all my sites will be moved over, but I am also moving my domain registrar too and that is taking some time. I’m really excited about the move, I think everything will be much faster and uptime will be much better. \n\nIn the meantime enjoy my personal favorite version of the talking babies. — Mafia style. \n\n\n\nMy hand IS A DOLPHIN!!!

Changing Host

I am very unsatisfied with my host – Cirtex Hosting. They have incredible amounts of downtime, its actually quite amazing how often my sites are down. After much comparison shopping I have decided on – VPS hosting. It will take me a while to get everything transferred over, so again please bear with me while I get everything switched over. \n\nIn the meantime, please enjoy this weird/crazy/random video. Its so weird, you might just watch all of it! lol\n\n

Everything is broken!

Um yeah, so my blog has been down for a couple days now, and everything is still pretty broken. Bear with me, I have some work to do. \n\nThank you! \n\nUpdate: Everything should be working now. If you notice something totally crazy let me know!

Wall to Wall

Haven’t posted in a while, someone posted this on my wall =) Good stuff. Enjoy. \n\n

Rebecca Black Video

This has got to be the worst video I have ever seen — ever!\n\n

First Person Tsunami Footage

This is the most intense video I have seen of this disaster. It shows the raw power of water. \n\nThis location on google maps – here\n\n\n\n\nI know that physically most will not be able to help, but give financially if you can. I will be giving to the redcross through my work who will be matching what we give, if you have the opportunity to do that then do. If not just follow the link below. \n\n\n

Sheen is Grrreeeaat!!

Awesome sheen illustration done by Seth Patrick – his blog\n\nCharlie Sheen Tiger Blood Tony The Tiger

Jorge and Alexa – Perdoname En Silencio

I just cant get enough of these two!!\n\n