Awesome – Kids Guess Old Technology

Tis in French, but you’ll get the jist. Enjoy!\n\n\n\n

Cool Picture – Weird Search

I did a search for “Angry Piggies”. – Was trying to find pictures of the “Evil Piggies” but couldn’t remember.\n\nClick the picture for full resolution.\n\nBeautiful Desktop Background of a Mausoleum. \n\nFound here

Unicorns of The Web

I made a video bout unicorns today. – Enjoy!\n\n

Zach Braff – Happy Unicorn

Not enough Scrubs/Unicorn pics out there. – So here are two (plenty more to come).\n\nZach Braff unicorn picture from scrubs

Zach Braff – Sad Unicorn

=( … Unicorns are not real\n\nPoor JD finds out that Unicorns just arent real

Watch Out!

Since I’ve taken this project on I am just blown away by whats out there!\n\nIf you hit this sign you will hit that bridge

Another Oxymoron

What does one do in this situation?\n\nCame up on a simple search of “Oxymoron”\n\nStop Sign Fail - Oxymoron

New Years Eve Plans

Everyone has their own tradition for New Years Eve, here’s mine. – Yes I’m a total spaz/nerd etc but I don’t care!\n\nI’m a huge fan of  “When Harry met Sally”, who isn’t? For me its one of those that I need to watch at least once a year, and one of those times each year is always on New Years Eve. But here’s the twist, if you start When Harry Met Sally at exactly 10:30:34 (thats 10:30 and 34 seconds) then at the second new years eve party in the movie (because there are two) the countdown will happen with the real life countdown.\n\nMovie: When Harry Met Sally\n\nStart: At exactly 10:30 and 34 seconds.\n\nResult?: In movie countdown happens with real life countdown!!!\n\nWhen Harry Met Sally - Movie Night - New Years\n\nWhat are your Insane/Unusual Plans?

Kitten Wallpaper

Here is a good pic for the cat folks. This is a high resolution picture that can be used as a wallpaper.\n\nClick the pic for full resolution.\n\nCute picture of a kitten playing with water - Wallpaper\n\nPic found here

Merry Christmas!

Family, Sausage Balls, A Christmas Story, Leg Lamps, Video games, and now were off to the movies. I dont know if Im going to have time for one of each category, but Ive got the “funny” covered here.\n\nThis is what my sister got me for christmas.\n\nA Christmas Story - Real Leg Lamp\n\nSo Epic!!\n\nSo what did you get for Christmas?