Christmas Unicorn

Awesome!\n\nFound here\n\nA Christmas Unicorn pulling a sleigh\n

Early Presents – Yay

Opened presents at the inlaws, I think I did pretty good =)\n\nEarly presents on Christmas eve - Goldeneye 007 for the Wii and a Telescope!\n\nOhhhhh niiiiggghhht – Where I get presents!!!

Merry Christmas Eve

Took this with my HTC EVO at Silver Dollar City in Branson Mo. Love that place!\n\nThis picture does not do it justice!\n

Silver Dollar City Christmas Tree - Christmas Lights - 11/28/2010

Postin on the Blag – Norway

I like to call it a blag, not sure why. On Christmas I will post for each category, so stay tuned!\n\nFor today its a Wallpaper of Norway. – Theres a whole story as to why I looked this picture up, but its not that interesting and pretty wordy. So … just enjoy!\n\nClick the pic for full size. – I suggest “fit” on wide screen monitors.\n\nNorway Desktop Background - Lake/Mountains\n\nFound here

How I Met Your UNICORN’S Mother

Ive seen this one around, but found a super high quality one. Obviously Im going to have to set this as my desktop background to freak out my co-workers (Mainly Adam, cuz he has equinophobia AND aichmophobia).\n\nAnother plus about this one is it falls into almost all of my categories! “Home, Funny, Unicorns, Wallpapers” … And for some guys “Cute!” (not that there’s anything wrong with that).\n\nClick to enlarge! – Enjoy\n\nUnicorn Desktop - Neil Patrick Harris Riding a Unicorn High Resolution\n\nSpeaking of Categories, see above. You can list my posts by the category you like best. Enjoy! Remember to add me to your favorites and check back often!

Awesome HUGE gummy bear!!

Loving this HUGE gummy bear. – Thanks to Mr Stockton to pointing this one out!\n\nIts equal to 1400 normal bears and 12,600 calories! Would love to have a Bag of these lol!\n\nGet your own BAG here\n

Worlds Largest Gummy Bear!! 12,600 calories!

Best Knock Knock joke EVER

Ran across this one today, so I had to pull it on a few folks. Give it a shot! Its awesome!\n\nBest Knock Knock Joke ever - "You start" - "Knock Knock" - "Who's there" "umm?"\n\nFound here

Bad news for the kiddos

Santa Claus is NOT coming … to town. \n\nSanta's tomb stone\n\ncuz he died.

Pegacorn Hoodie!!

Awesome hoodie, found this doing general searches for unicorns. \n\nPegicorn-Unicorn hoodie cosplay\n\nGet one here!


Simpson’s Unicorn\n\nRalph Wiggum with ice cream on his head "Im a unicorn"