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Rate My Pets

 \n\nIm excited to announce the launch of my new site – – It is a pet rating site that is very easy to use. If you want to upload your own pets all you do is connect with facebook, and upload your pics. There is also a point system in place that rewards you for using the site. There will soon be a raffle system with monthly giveaways.\n\n \n

Check it out!

\npuppy in the snow

Kitten Tux

Yeah, so EverQuest is back online. So I’ve been gettin my play on rather than gettin my website on. So here’s a quick one for tonight. Cute Kitties!!\nCutest Kitten Ever

Happy Mothers Day Lady

Love this vid! Happy Mothers Day Lady! \n\n

Puppy bear

My next website is going to be all about cute pets. Hey there isnt enough of those sites out there is there? For now here is one that I have seen around the web.\n

cute puppy cuddling a teddy bear

Justin Beaver

Hello world. I am pretty busy working on my next project, which is why I haven’t posted anything recently. Stay tuned, I hope to launch my new site soon. I just have to get all the bugs ironed out and money set aside. (There will be contests with cash prizes).\n\nUntil then!\n\nThis is my dog and his beaver. We call it Justin Beaver. He gets pretty possessive over his toys/beavers … especially when they squeak.\n\nLucky dog and his toy - Justin Beaver

New Puppies!

A friend of mine has brand new puppies! I asked her if I could share them with the world … I couldnt resist!\n\nvery cute puppies\n\nSo much cuteness in one picture!

Kitten Wallpaper

Here is a good pic for the cat folks. This is a high resolution picture that can be used as a wallpaper.\n\nClick the pic for full resolution.\n\nCute picture of a kitten playing with water - Wallpaper\n\nPic found here

Waiting on santa

Merry Christmas!\n\nThanks to Callie and Lori for tellin me bout this one.\n\n


My new project has to do with pets, so Im on a pet kick right now. \n\n\n\nComment and share! – Stay tuned for announcements on my new project.


Search: “Sushi Bleh”\n\nSo at work today we were talking about sushi. I dont like sushi so I did an image search for “sushi bleh”. Perfect example of the randomness of the internet.\n\nSo effin cute!!\n

Cutest puppy ever

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