MEGA Brookie Brooke

 \n\nSo I went home over Memorial Day weekend and I’m hangin out with the family and my sis started showing me some videos. They were friggin hilarious! I asked her if she was sharing them with the world and she said no … wtf??\n\nSo I obviously helped her make a youtube channel, which was pretty funny in itself. She was trying to pick a user name and they were all picked … sad face. Finally she tried “Brookiebrooke” which was also picked. So google suggested MEGAbrookiebrooke. Which is AWESOME! \n\nEnjoy her first vid!\n

Wall to Wall

Haven’t posted in a while, someone posted this on my wall =) Good stuff. Enjoy. \n\n

Popcorn Alarm

This is a video of me after a procedure I had done for my throat. They got me all fixed up! (I was having trouble swallowing) \n\nA friend of mine’s Mom set off a fire alarm at a hotel once when cooking popcorn. I guess that’s where my mind (what little of a mind I had at that moment) went to right then. \n\n

New Years Eve Plans

Everyone has their own tradition for New Years Eve, here’s mine. – Yes I’m a total spaz/nerd etc but I don’t care!\n\nI’m a huge fan of  “When Harry met Sally”, who isn’t? For me its one of those that I need to watch at least once a year, and one of those times each year is always on New Years Eve. But here’s the twist, if you start When Harry Met Sally at exactly 10:30:34 (thats 10:30 and 34 seconds) then at the second new years eve party in the movie (because there are two) the countdown will happen with the real life countdown.\n\nMovie: When Harry Met Sally\n\nStart: At exactly 10:30 and 34 seconds.\n\nResult?: In movie countdown happens with real life countdown!!!\n\nWhen Harry Met Sally - Movie Night - New Years\n\nWhat are your Insane/Unusual Plans?


Search: “Sushi Bleh”\n\nSo at work today we were talking about sushi. I dont like sushi so I did an image search for “sushi bleh”. Perfect example of the randomness of the internet.\n\nSo effin cute!!\n

Cutest puppy ever

Unicorn for the Desktop

**Update** Got a comment claiming this picture! See this picture in six more resolutions (Including widescreen, Woot!), along with many other wallpapers here.\n\nThanks for sharing Sarah!\n————–\n\nMake this a desktop, or prank someone who leaves their station open. Great for pranks!!\n\nMr Stockton told me about this one.\n\nClick for the full sized image!\n\nUnicorn Wallpaper\n\n

Dr Beard Face

Search: ‘Dr Beard Face’\n\nDr Beard Face


Search: ‘Celibate’
Setting: ‘Moderate’

This is the very first pic that comes up when you search for Celibate.

Need I say more?