MEGA Brookie Brooke

 \n\nSo I went home over Memorial Day weekend and I’m hangin out with the family and my sis started showing me some videos. They were friggin hilarious! I asked her if she was sharing them with the world and she said no … wtf??\n\nSo I obviously helped her make a youtube channel, which was pretty funny in itself. She was trying to pick a user name and they were all picked … sad face. Finally she tried “Brookiebrooke” which was also picked. So google suggested MEGAbrookiebrooke. Which is AWESOME! \n\nEnjoy her first vid!\n

Brocks Dubs =(

So I was sad today when I tried to show someone the ‘Brock’s Dubs’ version of the famous babies video (mafia babies). Apparently the parents of said babies have hired a lawyer and asked that all other versions be taken down. How lame is that? Seriously? — Bleh. Brocks response is as follows. Im digging this guy and looking forward to more of his stuff! \n\n\n\nAs far as the server issues go, Ive come up with some work arounds but I wouldn’t consider them to be ‘fixed’. Everything is working well, and will work the way it is working until I have time to delve deeper into the issue. I am satisfied overall with myhosting.com. They have the cheapest prices for VPS that I have found so far, and they back it up with a quality product. Im looking forward to a long relationship with them. \n\nAs always, send me your mullets! www.mulletsighting.com

Rebecca Black Video

This has got to be the worst video I have ever seen — ever!\n\n

WTF? Poor Kitties