MEGA Brookie Brooke

 \n\nSo I went home over Memorial Day weekend and I’m hangin out with the family and my sis started showing me some videos. They were friggin hilarious! I asked her if she was sharing them with the world and she said no … wtf??\n\nSo I obviously helped her make a youtube channel, which was pretty funny in itself. She was trying to pick a user name and they were all picked … sad face. Finally she tried “Brookiebrooke” which was also picked. So google suggested MEGAbrookiebrooke. Which is AWESOME! \n\nEnjoy her first vid!\n

Rebecca Black Video

This has got to be the worst video I have ever seen — ever!\n\n


Im in Houston on a business trip and I have found myself listing to the mexican music stations quite a bit on my daily commute. This is my favorite song.\n\nZero clue as to what they are saying … but you have to admit it’s catchy!\n\n

Popcorn Alarm

This is a video of me after a procedure I had done for my throat. They got me all fixed up! (I was having trouble swallowing) \n\nA friend of mine’s Mom set off a fire alarm at a hotel once when cooking popcorn. I guess that’s where my mind (what little of a mind I had at that moment) went to right then. \n\n

WTF? Poor Kitties



So cute! And awesome. \n\nZach Braff told me bout this … Cuz you know, were friends.\n\n

Carol of the Bells – Homeboy